MTSi is a drug and alcohol free work place. All MTSi employees, without exception, participate in either our existing Department of Transportation (DOT) or Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plans, as applicable.

As a member of the Pipeline Testing Consortium, our Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan complies with all of the requirements of the U.S. DOT Research and Special Programs Administration, 49 CFR Part 199 and 40.

Files are available for audit at Pipeline Testing Consortium, Inc. located in Hutchison, Kansas, and copies of our Plans are available upon request.

All MTSi employees not covered by our DOT Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan, including administrative and temporary personnel, are covered under our Non-DOT Plan.

MTSi also utilizes the services of DISA, Inc. for those refinery and petrochemical clients who specify DISA Screening Services as a requirement.