MTSi is committed to providing an accident-free environment where all facilities and projects are free from hazards, and where people, equipment, and the environment are not placed at risk of injury or damage.

Safety First and Foremost

Our employees are empowered to take responsibility for job safety, and directed to correct or halt any activities that pose an unacceptable risk to safety, or that may negatively impact the environment. As a result, since inception, MTSi has enjoyed an excellent safety record.

MTSi also ensures each of its employees receives and understands the company’s Employee Safety Handbook and, along with our Employee Orientation Program, routinely holds safety meetings and “toolbox talks” to promote and ensure safe work practices.

On the job safety is also included as a measure in evaluating each MTSi employee’s overall job performance.

100% Compliant

Our Safety Plan has been audited for OSHA compliance by ISNetworld and has received a 100% compliance rating. ISNetworld provides this service for most major U.S. pipeline companies. Copies of our Health, Safety, and Environmental Plan and company statistical data are available for review upon request.

Employee training and certifications are stored in our in-house database and records of employee training can be provided upon request or as required. All MTSi employees are required to participate in MTSi’s Safety Training Program.