dustin-mcdaniel1Dustin has served as MTSi’s President and Chief Executive Officer since August of 2009. Prior to assuming that role, he managed the Field Services Department, overseeing all project staffing, inspector recruitment and onboarding. Since joining MTSi in 2001, Dustin’s managerial roles have included responsibility for one-call ticket processing, drafting / design services, and the operator qualification program.

Upon graduation from the University of Tulsa where he earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Dustin joined Williams Communications in Tulsa. Serving as Project Manager of Construction, he was responsible for the overall successful completion of new construction and relocation projects nationwide.

He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Tulsa Pipe Liners Club, the Pipe Liners Association of Houston, the Rocky Mountain Pipe Liners Club, the Appalachian Pipe Liners Association, and the Tulsa Business Ethics Consortium.